And Who Are All These Mystics?

by Where Are We



released July 12, 2012


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Where Are We Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Hoopdee
Me and my hoopdee, traveling around the jungle. Mimicking the sea. We never wanted to be anything more than mammals swinging from the trees. Don't kid yourself suburbia. Me and my hoopdee, forgetting every tiff and tangle to navigate the streets. We cuss and curtsey, taken life and gambled everything we need. Don't kid yourself suburbia. Yeah amerikah.
Track Name: Happy Ending
So says its dead. Dance and forget what plagues us all because we are tall. Too tall to feel the heat boiling beneath our dirty feet. Just boiling frogs waiting for our dinner plate garnished with dill and unknown fate. So stop and dance and forget what plagues us all because our time is small. It's the end, and I kinda like it. It's the end, calm down, don't try and fight it. It's the end, don't act like you didn't know. It's the end, sit back and enjoy the show.
Track Name: Double Click
I feel like a newborn, awkward and clumsy at first. Just barely able to stand and then we fall. There's something in the water just for you. I don't know it what it may or may not be so I apologize for being quiet and koi. I apologize for apologizing, an aquavert. Cuz, there's something in the water. Can't be caught or predicted, tell your momma and your daughter. It's just condescending. Cuz there's something in the water. Can't be caught or predicted. So go to me and your daughter and I want to stay with it.
Track Name: Green Demon
I was born on wall street nurtured by money, motive, and profits that will make you cry. Hey you, focus on my style and sheen, cuz these horns are temporary and they're clean. So please erase your head. I've got a halo down to my blue knees, so come on, curtsey, tango under my wing. Erase your head.
Track Name: Monster
I'm a monster, just trying to get mine. I'm sorry lady but I don't have the time to prove to you my love is true. These fangs ain't lying (lion). Cuz I'm a monster, just trying to get a smile. So listen here little sweet thang, did you hear what I said? There's only 24 hours in a day and a wizard's after my head. Don't clown. It taste better on the way back down. And no, there's nothing in this world that hurts me more, then to see you frown. I'm a monster. Oh yeah. I'm a monster. I'm a monster just trying to get a smile.
Track Name: Slow Leak
My friends all are captains of ships and treading water. Pummeled by maritime silhouettes, theres nothing I can do or say. Cuz your golden blindfold has taken a hold. Your shepherds sheep are about to run away. So I sit back, smoke a dub, eat some grub, I'll catch you on the flip side at the cold corner of apocalypse. There's nothing I can do or try. Cuz your golden blindfold has taken a hold. Your shepherds sheep are about to run away. We are strong.
Track Name: A Letter to the FDA
Blank face covered in soot. You hand us undealable hands. About face. Toes out straight and a nose to the sky. Whats all this fuss about? Time to cover up, it's cold out here. The truth is biting. The truth is clear. Silver spoon lies covered in soot, covered in flies. Whats all this fuss about? You poison our food, to fatten your gut. Maybe it's time, to eat up. It's your turn.
Track Name: Dirty Girl
It's all gone through your head. Whatever it takes. A satin covered bed. Whatever it takes. It's time to starve that ego, cuz it's got some pounds to shed, dirty girl.
Track Name: 100 Fat
You've got a lot of nerve to ask us for this with your diamond ring, five star, bloody fist. You're just a greedy child. Yeah, a spoiled brat. It's time for timeout kid. Don't forget you cap. Did you really think we would never know? It's hard to hide a beast when it's hard to show the truth. We're a billion strong. You're a hundred fat, so shut your fucking mouth and go to the back.
Track Name: Is it too much to be ok?
It's my birthday and everything seems sideways. All this greed and dismay. Is it too much to be ok? There's nasty things, pushed underground. Wealthy people all around. If there's one thing that I have found, it's that the poor scream without a sound. We are strong. I have only one wish.

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